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Jan. 31, 2020Recalls of products (RAPEX)

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Recall of products

You may have them in your cupboards. Maybe, you use them, still. Beware: they are dangerous, illegal, harmful… and are the subject of a recall or ban by the European sanitary authorities. Underneath, you may find all the cosmetic products targeted by the RAPEX alert system this week: a sunscreen product with a lower SPF than indicated and henna that may be irritating.

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Baby sunscreen

Brand: Nubian Kids
Name: Mlieko na opaľovanie sprej

Type: FPS 50;rakrytnikový olej;vitamine E;D-panthénol
Batch number: 0403190318BIS
Barcode: 8586000081949

Country of origin: Slovakia
Notifying country: Czechia

Risk type: health risk
The actual protection factor of the sunscreen is lower than declared (measured value: SPF 7.8).
Consequently, children might be under-protected against UV radiation increasing the risk of sunburns or skin cancer.
The product does not comply with the Cosmetic Products Regulation.

Measures ordered by public authorities (to retailer): withdrawal of the product from the market.


Brand: Rasm E
Name: Henna Emergency Cone Henna

Type: KC-023

Country of origin: Pakistant
Notifying country: United Kingdom

Risk type: chemical
The product may be irritating when applied to the skin/scalp and can lead to chemical burns.
The product does not comply with the Cosmetic Products Regulation.

Measures taken by economic operators: withdrawal of the product from the market (by retailer).

Rapid Alert System - Weekly Reports, Report 05, European Commission, January 31, 2020


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