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CosmeticDays: a spatial rendezvous with sun


Harmful effects due to sun, and efficiency of the cosmetic products designed to provide protection are recurrent media hype. The debates that surround them bring far more questions than answers. Answers: the reason for CosmeticDays, organized by the French Cosmed association in December. Two Convention days with the best specialists of this area; enter them in your diary.

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The event is held in Marseille (France), on December 2012, 6 and 7; this is the first convention of its kind organized by Cosmed.
On the agenda, some two scores of lectures by international experts a “multidisciplinary reflection," embracing the effects of sun to our skins and health as well as the means to protect oneself from the UV radiation. The highlight of these two days: the evaluation of the efficiency of sun filters, a “hot” topic, if it be so.

The first day, as an introduction, is a first approach to the scope: effects from the sun, be they harmful or beneficial (DNA damages, skin ageing, cancer; on the other hand: the light therapy favourable effects …); different protective means (cosmetic filters, food supplements, eye protection, fabric …)
The speakers are researchers from the Newcastle, Zurich, Berlin, Lille, Sophia Antipolis, Marseille Universities, as well as from the French National Institute for Health and Medical Research (INSERM) …

The second day will go to the heart of the matter, when dealing with formulation, and, moreover, with the evaluation of sun filters and the relevant regulation. On the floor, many experts from the industry and companies specialized in this area: Hélioscience, …

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