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The impacts of Covid-19 discussed at the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit

Les impacts du Covid-19 décortiqués lors du Sustainable Cosmetics Summit

The coronavirus pandemic has created unprecedented health, social and economic crises. The cosmetics industry has been affected in various ways: from the supply of raw materials, production process, to marketing and distribution of finished products. Consumers are also changing the way they buy and use cosmetics & personal care products. The sustainability implications of this pandemic on the cosmetics industry will be discussed at the upcoming Sustainable Cosmetics Summit. The European edition will be hosted on an online platform on 2-5th November 2020.

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The Sustainable Cosmetics Summit will discuss the ramifications of Covid-19 with a green lens. Nine things you will learn from this edition:

1. Skin health and the human virome

The human virome is the total collection of viruses in and on the human body. The pandemic has elevated consumer interest in anti-viral products, such as hand sanitisers, hand washes, and cleaning products. John Jiménez, Senior Exploration Scientist at Belcorp, will give an introduction to the human virome and discuss its relationship with skin health. How does the skin microbiome interact with the virome? What are the implications to the cosmetics & personal care industry? Will we see new personal care products designed to create a healthy virome, as we currently have for the skin biome?

2. Natural ingredients for skin immunity

Consumer demand for health & natural products has increased since the virus outbreak; many consumers are buying such products as they look to boost their personal immunity. Dr. Anne Marie Fine, medical doctor and author, will give details of natural ingredients that can be used in personal care formulations to improve skin immunity. How can personal care products help build skin immunity? What ingredients can boost the skin’s natural …

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