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Friday, February 15, 2013Tech / Digital

Instrumental cosmetics, the easy-to-use version ?


Trendy in Japan and in the USA, the instrumental cosmetics arrives in France with new equipment, designed more for a daily use and a better efficiency. The French market takes off … A new trend seen by Ariane Le Febvre.

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Instrumental cosmetics, what is it?

It comprises cosmetics tools – electrical tools, very often – for home use. Inspired by professional methods (such as found in dermatologists or beautician M.D.s offices, sometimes in spas or salons), they are also called home devices.
These small machines use vapour, ions, ultrasounds or pulsed light to cleanse the skin, make it younger, remove hair, support the penetration of cosmetic active ingredients, tight the pores, enhance hydration, or duplicate expert moves.

Widely used in Asia and in the USA, the instrumental cosmetics was still a niche market in France (high prices, binding use, unconvincing results …). Except for the high-intensity pulsed light hair removers, which, according to Marc-Antoine Hennel, Philips Consumer Lifestyle Marketing Director, has been multiplied by four within three years (the Philips Lumea high-intensity pulsed light hair remover, the leader on this market, is available for € 499 / USD 690 / GBP 425, not that affordable).

However, things move. New actors arrive, such as Clarisonic (Pacific Bioscience Laboratories, bought by L’Oreal), Ioma, or MTherapy. Philips is ever more in this growth niche; the instrumental cosmetics is now entering our daily life (cleansing, moisturisation, eyes contour care …) and gives rise to …

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