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Under the influence of consumer expectations, technological innovations, feelings of the media, thoughts from various industry players, economic or regulatory contexts, trendy positionings, or societal reorientations… cosmetics trends are fast-changing. You will find everything you need here to learn how to anticipate them and evaluate their relevance…

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Cannabis seizes cosmetics
24 Dec. 2019 Trends

Cannabis seizes cosmetics pro

Recently, cannabis and its derivatives have found a prominent place in the cosmetics industry. This market represents $12 billion worldwide, according to Euromonitor, which sees “lucrative development prospects given the relaxation of regulations, particularly in the United States and Canada.”

Tailor-made cosmetics: an undeniable trend
06 Nov. 2019 Trends

Tailor-made cosmetics: an undeniable trend pro

Today, personalization is one of the major challenges in the cosmetics industry. Consumers want products that touch them and that are 100% suitable for them. At the same time, who wouldn’t dream of having a cream that perfectly meets their skin problems? Determined to invest in this trend, the beauty industry ...

Natexpo: beauty start-ups that are getting the spotlight on
16 Oct. 2019 Trends

Natexpo: beauty start-ups that are getting the spotlight on pro

The Natexpo trade fair, dedicated to natural and organic distribution, will take place from 20 to 22 October in Paris. As every year, the emblematic actors of green beauty will be there… but not only! The 2019 edition is full of young companies with innovative ideas. Focus on three of them.