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Under the influence of consumer expectations, technological innovations, feelings of the media, thoughts from various industry players, economic or regulatory contexts, trendy positionings, or societal reorientations… cosmetics trends are fast-changing. You will find everything you need here to learn how to anticipate them and evaluate their relevance…

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Beauty with variable shapes
09 Sept. 2019 Trends

Beauty with variable shapes

Faced with a changing society, the canons of beauty are changing in turn. However, these new aesthetics are not yet 100% represented in the media and in the cosmetics industry. To make things happen, Virginie Bapaume, director of the Ivy Agency event agency, created the Prix de la Beauté Plurielle. She ...

Ecoresponsibility by Aptar
02 Sept. 2019 Trends

Ecoresponsibility by Aptar pro

Due to the climatic challenges, industrialists are called upon to propose sustainable solutions that are more respectful of nature. Aptar, a specialist in distribution systems for the cosmetics/perfumery sector, is one of those companies committed to these environmental issues, both in terms of the products it offers and its ...

Decrypting new identity issues
27 Aug. 2019 Trends

Decrypting new identity issues pro

Fully satisfying the needs of its consumers is part of the cosmetics industry’s mission. But before knowing their expectations, it is necessary to know who they are. Not always obvious, given the speed with which the company evolves. Audrey Roulin, from the Nelly Rodi agency, shared the major societal ...

Deposit is chic!
16 July 2019 Trends

Deposit is chic! pro

Like many manufacturers, beauty professionals are ready to take action and take concrete actions to improve the society in which we all live. This is the theme of the “commitment” that was chosen by the FEBEA for the holding of its General Assembly in Paris on 25 June 2019. Not surprisingly, the environmental ...

Men's fragrances: a concentrate of success
10 July 2019 Trends

Men's fragrances: a concentrate of success

Estimated at a total value of 205 million euros according to The NPD Group (data for the period from January to the end of May 2019), the men’s fragrance market represents an important category of selective beauty in France. By way of comparison, the market value of men’s fragrances was almost ...