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How Covid-19 affects the demand for natural cosmetic ingredients

Comment le Covid-19 influe sur la demande d'ingrédients cosmétiques naturels

According to Ecovia Intelligence (formerly known as Organic Monitor), a specialist research, consulting & training company that focuses on global ethical product industries, the coronavirus pandemic is raising demand for natural ingredients from the personal care industry. whilst consumers are buying natural & organic products to improve their personal immunity, Ecovia shows, by way of examples, that the use of the use of such ingredients in cosmetic & personal care products is increasing. And the demand is ecpected to remain buoyant after the current crisis.

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Natural ingredients with antibacterial and antiviral qualities are the most sought after.
Australian companies are reporting a surge in demand for lemon myrtle, which is used in hand sanitizers and cleaning products. Australian Natural Products, the largest producer, is planting 180,000 new lemon myrtle and anise myrtle trees to ramp up production.

Tea tree oil, well-known for its antibacterial and antiviral properties, is also experiencing a coronavirus boost. It is used in a wide range of personal care and home care products.
Based in New South Wales, Gelair has developed a line of tea tree oil-based cleaning products for the maritime industry. Virus fears are leading commercial ships and cruise liners to use Gelair products to decontaminate ducted ventilation systems.

Aloe vera, already established in the personal care industry, is also experiencing high demand. The use of aloe vera has extended from companies to consumers making hand sanitizers at home. Seeing the shift in purchasing behaviour, the American supplier Desert Harvest has started producing hand sanitizers for the first time. Amyris, a producer of sustainable ingredients, has also launched natural hand sanitizers under its Pipette brand. The natural essential oils company EO Products has increased production of its hand sanitizers …

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