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May 15, 2019 | They are the cosmetics

Salvatore D'Acunto or cosmetic exemplarity at the European Commission

Are you one of those who see Europe as a complex and ineffective, even unfair monster? Of those who imagine the European Commission as a den of bureaucrats, producing obscure texts in defiance of the interests of the citizens you are? Come and meet Salvatore D’Acunto. He heads the Unit in charge of cosmetics at the European Commission. A diplomat as much as a civil servant, he chooses his words but speaks clearly when it comes to presenting his plea for Europe: much is being done for consumer protection, particularly in the cosmetics sector; denying it and having a destructive approach would be a historical crime.

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Salvatore D'Acunto
15 May 2019 They are the cosmetics

Salvatore D'Acunto or cosmetic exemplarity at the European Commission

Are you one of those who see Europe as a complex and ineffective, even unfair monster? Of those who imagine the European Commission as a den of bureaucrats, producing obscure texts in defiance of the interests of the citizens you are? Come and meet Salvatore D’Acunto. He heads the ...

DeFY Cosmetic
29 April 2019 They are the cosmetics

DeFY Cosmetic: a terrific duo in cosmetics

The school is not far behind them, and yet Ludovic Lemée and Romain Derrien have just founded their cosmetics brand, DeFY Cosmetic. Just 25 and 26 years old, they have the audacity of their twenties and did not hesitate long before embarking on an entrepreneurial project. After all, when the desire and talent are ...

25 March 2019 They are the cosmetics

Jean-Claude le Joliff: the Great Cosmetic expert

His reputation is well established. Both young cosmetics students and experienced professionals know its name. Jean-Claude Le Joliff, former Director of Research at Chanel, has worked for more than 50 years in the cosmetics industry. A recurring contributor to CosmeticOBS, he has decided to slow down his activity a little by focusing ...

18 March 2019 They are the cosmetics

Philemon-1889: men's cosmetics with a good vintage taste

In the past few years, a retro breeze has been blowing over men’s cosmetics. The return of the hipster beard allows barbers to make a strong comeback. Philemon-1889, a young brand of cosmetics for men, is also playing on this “old school” wave by offering innovative skin care products ...

Astrid Mauduit
13 March 2019 They are the cosmetics

Of all the products for children, the ones from Ouate are the ones we prefer!

While the baby cosmetics market is saturated, the market for children aged 4 to 11 is a little less so. It is therefore to respond to this lack that Astrid Mauduit embarked on a career in cosmetics, with a brand marked by softness: Ouate The “kids friendly” brand, which has been on sale since ...

Sophie Lacoste
14 Jan. 2019 They are the cosmetics

Sophie Lacoste, Mother Nature of the Press

Editor-in-chief since 1996 of the monthly Rebelle-Santé, dedicated to natural health, Sophie Lacoste is a pioneer in this field. Convinced that there is not only conventional medicine for self-care, she founded her own journal and has been exploring the different aspects of natural health (well-being, nutrition and of course, cosmetics!) for over 20 years ...

Juliette Fincias
11 Nov. 2018 They are the cosmetics

In the shoes of a regulatory affairs manager

Not well known from the general public, the job of regulator is of paramount importance, as it ensures the safety and compliance of cosmetics before they are put on the market. Juliette Fincias, second in the special 10-year competition of CosmeticsOBS, works in this profession for the Visiomed laboratories. She opened ...

Christine Delpal
24 Oct. 2018 They are the cosmetics

Karawan, the phœnix of cosmetics

Born from the association of two French and Syrian manufacturers, Karawan has been offering authentic Aleppo soaps made locally in the purest tradition for about fifteen years. Recent events in Syria have unfortunately had an impact on the brand’s production, but Karawan has obviously not yet said its last ...

Pauline Bony
24 Sept. 2018 They are the cosmetics

Hey oh, we're coming home from birch!

Recently introduced on the cosmetic scene, the Sæve brand, formulated with fresh birch sap, is already a great success. Launched in mid-September, it boasts nearly forty references, a strong identity and a proven storytelling. But in the end, Sæve is above all a reflection of the one who works behind ...

Kit Wallen Russell
12 Sept. 2018 They are the cosmetics

Skin microbiome biodiversity: the secret to healthy skin? pro

Kit Wallen Russell, Director of Pavane Research Centre, the R&D arm behind JooMo brand’s microbiome-friendly skin care technology, recently spoke to CosmeticsOBS. He is preparing to publish his latest research into the skin microbiome: clinical trials conducted with the Medical University of Graz in Austria and asks a crucial ...

03 Sept. 2018 They are the cosmetics

Maxime Garcia-Janin, the enfant terrible of perfumery

100% personalized perfumes delivered at home within five days, formulated by expert noses, and produced with noble materials: is that not tempting? Well, it is not a dream, it is actually the truth… and we owe it to Maxime Garcia-Janin. At only 27, this colourful young man is breaking the codes ...

29 Aug. 2018 They are the cosmetics

Patyka: the quiet strength

Just like Rome, organic brand Patyka was not made in a day. Contrary to a few brands that want it all now, they claim they prefer to take their time and do things the right way. Director Pierre Juhen told us about Patyka’s history and its cosmetics… and philosophical ...

Centifolia's factory
02 July 2018 They are the cosmetics

Centifolia is going green

Centifolia is one of those brands for which cosmetics formulation rhymes with respect and preservation of nature. The organic-labelled brand based in Western France boasts one of the greenest production sites in the world. Is it? Let’s have a closer look…

Ecosfere Products
30 May 2018 They are the cosmetics

Ecosfere: integrated cosmetics for the sake of humanity

The idea was not to create just another brand. And it did not come out of the head of Johnny-come-latelies freshly graduated from some marketing school. The aim of the creators, who can all boast a successful career in the cosmetics industry, was to develop a product range with a ...

Olivier Couraud
16 April 2018 They are the cosmetics

And Couraud beautified woman

Olivier Couraud, founder of the brand Olivier Claire, is one of these human beings you gladly call ‘quite a character’. Why is that so? Simply because he is filled with the burning desire to beautify and comfort women, with a big W. He chose cosmetics to express his original vocation ...

21 Feb. 2018 They are the cosmetics

Mi-rê: Korean expertise with a French touch

When you say K-Beauty, no doubt you think about cosmetics with pop and wacky packaging, incongruous ingredients, and resolutely Kawaii and regressive designs. However, French-Korean brand Mi-rê proves these clichés wrong. The two founders, Elizabeth Tremosa and Miseong Kim, have a very definite idea of the identity they want for ...

10 Jan. 2018 They are the cosmetics

The pop(e)s of home beauty

A manicure carried out by a professional on a Sunday night at home: what could me more pleasing? We owe this marvel to the Popmyday application, an interface through which you can book appointments with specialists, wherever and whenever you want. Who is behind this cosmeto-digital revolution? We met Morgane ...

03 Jan. 2018 They are the cosmetics

My Beauty Community: an app that means well

Between new products regularly placed on the market, the media hype, and the different opinions found in the press, consumers are often lost when it comes to purchasing cosmetics. Marine Chevalier, founder of My Beauty Community, decided to address the problem with a mobile platform for users to give each ...

13 Dec. 2017 They are the cosmetics

Green is the new black

It is no longer a secret: consumption patterns are changing. Organic, natural, or vegan products are now an integral part of our daily lives, including cosmetics. And as the organic beauty offering is still not as attractive as that of conventional cosmetics, Aurélie Chavas, founder of Détox&Moi, launched her own ...

29 Nov. 2017 They are the cosmetics

Fresh, she’s so fresh

It has been quite a while since the conventional cosmetics industry has been shaken by young entrepreneurs. Full of ideas and innovative concepts, they are determined to impose their vision of beauty. One of them is Lucile Battail, expert in fresh cosmetics and founder of the Laboté brand. Here is ...

16 Oct. 2017 They are the cosmetics

Colorisi: a brand like no other

Colorisi founder Vincent Honnart has launched quality natural makeup on the market, but most of all, he has chosen to put an emphasis on human values within his company. CosmeticOBS met him: here is a portrait.

02 Oct. 2017 They are the cosmetics

Rozen'n, a friend that means well

This year, the annual campaign to support research against breast cancer, Octobre Rose, is celebrating its 25th anniversary. The 2017 edition started last September 27, and several events will take place throughout October. What for? To put the spotlight on women suffering from this disease and researchers, inform people, and above all, raise ...

04 Sept. 2017 They are the cosmetics

Cosmetics based on algae

If they have always covered the seashore and carpeted the seabed, today, algae also make manufacturers happy. They have been popular in the food industry for a long time, and they are now seducing the cosmetics sector as well: in addition to being soaked with trace elements, they represent a ...

28 Aug. 2017 They are the cosmetics

Algae in cosmetics (3/3)

It is a love story that is unlikely to end between the world of beauty and algae. Well-known for their virtues on the skin, algae also help create innovative galenics by replacing synthetic gelling agents. Marine ingredient supplier Agrimer has revealed to us the specificities of the algae they market.

25 July 2017 They are the cosmetics

Algae in cosmetics (2/3)

If algae have been used for ages in the food industry, they are now very popular in cosmetics as well. Little attractive at first sight, they are actually beneficial for the skin. As a result, raw material suppliers have all been developing their own algae-based actives. Biocosmethic, a company specialized ...

10 July 2017 They are the cosmetics

Eaux-Mères©: an original approach to water in cosmetics

Algae, sea water, salt… All these marine ingredients are well-known and recognized by the cosmetics industry for their skin benefits. Formulators have been increasingly and intensively using them, like Guérande Cosmetics, recently arrived on the market in 2016. Founded in Brittany, France, the brand offers skincare products featuring ingredients derived from ...

03 July 2017 They are the cosmetics

Algae in cosmetics

Known as the enemies of swimmers and other seaside walk aficionados, algae have a bad reputation – wrongly, since they are actually filled with vitamins and antioxidants beneficial for the skin. And the cosmetics industry has understood that perfectly well, as brands often integrate them to their formulas. Marine ingredient supplier ...

22 May 2017 They are the cosmetics

So many different waters… in cosmetics! – Composition waters by Gattefossé (4/5)

Demineralized water does not lay down the law in cosmetic formulation: there are a number of alternatives available to enrich beauty products, like fruit and vegetable waters, also known as composition waters. How are they produced? What are their associated claims? Ingredient supplier Gattefossé unveiled the secrets of their fruit ...

15 May 2017 They are the cosmetics

So many different waters… in cosmetics! – Floral waters by Codif Technologie Naturelle 

Demineralized water does not lay down the law in cosmetic formulation: there are a number of alternatives available to enrich beauty products, like floral waters. What is the manufacturing process involved? What are their benefits? Ingredient supplier Codif unveiled the secrets of their floral waters to us.

08 May 2017 They are the cosmetics

So many different waters… in cosmetics! -Sea water by Setalg

Demineralized water is still not law in cosmetic formulas: there are a number of alternatives available to enrich beauty products, and sea water is part of them. How is it collected? What are the associated claims? Ingredient supplier Setalg unveiled the secrets of their sea water for us.

06 Feb. 2017 They are the cosmetics

Fairy tales also exist in cosmetics

Judith Levy and Juliette Couturier, two young 25-year-old entrepreneurs, have developed a skincare range for women suffering from cancer. Their brand, Même, is the first on the market to offer a cosmetics solution to the undesirable effects of cancer treatments on the skin. The formulations are prettily conditioned for these women ...

CosmeticOBS - Observatoire des Cosmétiques
30 Jan. 2017 They are the cosmetics

Christophe Rousselle, member of the SCCS

Christophe Rousselle is in the middle of his third mandate at the SCCS. CosmeticOBS met him. He dreamt of being a vet, he is a toxicologist. He published a thesis on how drugs can pass through the blood-brain barrier, and now he calls the shots in the field of cosmetic ...

09 Dec. 2016 They are the cosmetics

2016 CFS Award to Jean-Claude Le Joliff

The French Cosmetology Society, with 1,500 members, has the mission of promoting scientific studies in cosmetology and contributing to the improvement of its members, with scientific symposia, exhibition organization, conferences, etc.. Every two years, it awards a prize to a personality for services rendered to cosmetology. And it is Jean-Claude Le ...

Gérard Redziniak
04 April 2016 They are the cosmetics

Gérard Redziniak, a real keratinologist!

More than a great inventor in dermocosmetics, this PhD in Molecular Biophysicochemistry is, above all, one of our last cosmetology humanists! He is extremely warm, charismatic, and creative, so it is hard not to like him, and he has been relentlessly tracking down tomorrow’s cosmetic concepts and molecules for ...

Expanscience/L'Observatoire des Cosmétiques
03 Feb. 2016 They are the cosmetics

The story of the Mustela milk perfume

Within the Expanscience Group that owns the Mustela brand, people work every day on the changes to make to improve the environmental balance, safety, efficacy, and sensoriality of cosmetic formulas, and better adapt the product offering to consumer expectations… but if there is one thing that has never changed, it ...

The Observatory of Cosmetics
24 Nov. 2015 They are the cosmetics

Occupation: cosmetics perfumer (2/2)

More and more elaborated, the perfume of cosmetics is sophistic. It is not uncommon for the notes of a treatment to fill a whole page of a press kit, and if, most of the time, the olfactory subtleties escape us, they remain for a lot in the love at first ...

The Observatory of Cosmetics
17 Nov. 2015 They are the cosmetics

Occupation: cosmetics perfumer (1/2)

Determining in the act of purchase (and even more of re-purchase), the perfume of a cream, a shower gel, an oil… builds loyalty like no one else! Who are these"men of the shadows" who perfume our cosmetics? Immersed in an unknown profession… and in the secrets of brands that ...

29 Oct. 2015 They are the cosmetics

Claude Grison: from cleaning up mining sites to producing green cosmetics

Claude Grison is a ‘bio-inspired’ chemist. She has been working on a new concept to recycle and recover mining waste since 2008: ecological catalysis is an innovative form of green chemistry which ensures sustainability and offers an alternative to the substances banned by REACH. And it is now drawing the attention ...

25 June 2015 They are the cosmetics

Loïc Armand: 'useful cosmetics in a changing world' pro

Loïc Armand gave CosmeticOBS an interview at the second edition of the Cosmetics Europe Week held in Brussels last June 15-19, 2015: role of the cosmetics industry, market prospects, regulatory changes, topical issues (claims, labelling of allergens, controversial ingredients…), dialogue with consumers… the President of Cosmetics Europe did not evade any ...

Valérie Demars
02 March 2015 They are the cosmetics

Valérie Demars and her perfumes for the love of Aimée

She is bright, warm, generous. Valérie Demars draws her strength from unconditional love and a childhood dream, from her relationship with nature and the language of flowers, from her sacred spring and her grandmother, Aimée. Her aromaperfumery and line of perfumes unlike any other – with an active core straight out ...

05 Jan. 2015 They are the cosmetics

Patrick O'Quin, a go-between at FEBEA pro

He replaced Alain Grangé-Cabane at the head of FEBEA last July 1st, 2014. Six months later, Patrick O’Quin confided his ‘discovery report’ to CosmeticOBS by providing a review of the Federation and the cosmetics sector. It was also an opportunity to unveil the missions he has decided to take on ...

Christelle Rischner
07 April 2014 They are the cosmetics

Christelle Rischner: professional make-up artist

She works in television, but you never see her. She travels with the Miss France contestants, but she’s never onstage… Christelle Rischner is a professional make-up artist. She is passionate about her profession and takes us on a backstage tour. Details.