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Special care for dry skin

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You take care of what you love; when your skin struggles to produce enough lipid to keep it moist, then it is time for you to give and extra hand to your body, pamper your skin with some extra care and make it soft and glow again. And here’s how it works.

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From head to toe
If the skin lacks in moisture or lipids, can be easily spotted during the cleansing routine: If the skin immediately feels tight, parched or even itchy after taking a shower or a bath, this could be a sign that it’s not able to produce enough lipids. After facial cleansing, these signs may show up as well. If you feel related to some of this signs, it’s time for some special care; starting under the shower: Many shower oils or creams contain rich formulations and ingredients such as shea butter or almond oil that moisturize the skin while showering. Nourishing body creams and lotions with refatting ingredients, favor the skin with moisture while promoting its own lipid production since their components are very similar to the natural skin lipids (ceramides, fatty acids and cholesterol).
Winterize your hands & nails
Our hands are especially sensitive during the cold season as the skin is very thin and barely has subcutaneous fatty tissue. Chemical substances such as aggressive cleansing products or excessive hand washing, take a heavy toll on this sensitive part of the body. To protect it from the daily exposure and harmful impact, make sure to keep a tube of hand cream handy and use it several times a day. When the skin’s protective barrier is destroyed, in the worst scenario, the body’s own defense may overreact and cause an inflammatory reaction.
As a consequence, this may lead to an eczema. Dermatologists have confirmed that there’s an increase of hand eczemas cases during winter season. Rich hand creams not only provide important nutrients but also leave a protective film on the skin that helps prevent the outermost layer of skin from drying out. Precious ingredients such as glycerin or urea moisturize our skin, whereas hand creams with UV protection and ingredients, that are proven to have a depigmenting effect, can even protect our hands from premature aging and reduce the first signs of aging.
Sugar, oil and butter for silky soft skin
Not only our hands tend to dry out during winter, the same applies for our elbows and knees, as, in comparison to the rest of our body, they don’t have sebaceous glands that produce lipids. Here the motto applies “two are better than one”: With an exfoliant (i.e. with sugar scrub), sloughing away dead skin cells, and boosting blood circulation at the same time. This will also increase the absorption capacity of the new skin beneath. Whether you are dealing with flaky, patchy or “dry as a snake” skin; body oil and butter work as its best when massaged into the skin. Chapped lips are also common during winter time, since they have very few sebaceous glands and their skin is thin and sensitive, they need some extra care to stay soft.

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