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Anti-ageing turns crimson!

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Ruby red, cherry red, carmine almost as raspberry red…the new cosmetic anti-ageing products go as red as a beetroot! In their flashy colours or their grenadine texture, they provide a healthy-life-like feeling! A focus on the new products of the week, by Ariane Le Febvre.

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They light up our eyes and provide our bathroom as well as our skin with a real kick! And it really needs it, to recover after an unusually hot summer! By playing the vitality card, the bright-red  anti-ageing product gives its energy to the energetic ‘50ers of today. No way to let them going to go easy!

Clarins has been one of the very first brands to sense the modernity of such a hue, by launching, as early as 2004, a poppy red programme for mature skin subject to hormonal imbalances (the Multi-Intensive programme).
An intuition of its founder, Jacques Courtin-Clarins, who wanted to enhance an offer for a target who was more and more asserting itself and whose mood was changing. An audacious commitment, then … (among the latest in this programme: Crème Haute Exigence Jour Multi-Intensive SPF 20, 50 mL, €94.40; Double Sérum, 50 mL, €99.80).

Summer 2013, crimson sets alight the supermarkets, with launches such as the Garnier Ultra Lift programme, designed for the ‘40ers (Serum + cream, a global anti-wrinkles care, 2-in-1, 50 mL, €11.90; Serum + cream, night repair anti-ageing care 2-in-1, 50 mL, €11.90, Serum + cream, anti-wrinkles eye-care 2-in1, 30 mL, €11.90).

After …

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