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Body masks

Les masques pour le corps

If they have long since invaded facials, they are also good for the body! With these masks inspired by thalassotherapy, the spa comes home! Initiated by slimming, they are now spreading to other segments of body care (detox, hydration, firming…).

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A new anti-cellulite routine?

Straight from thalassotherapy and the various seaweed or marine mud wraps, the body mask trend began with slimming, notably at Phytomer. The brand has long been one of the only ones to offer a Sleeping Masque Intensive Cellulite based on marine taurine (extracted from Jania Rubens red coral) that is left on overnight. This ingredient obtained by biotechnology energizes the adipocytes for an intensive fat burning (Celluli Night Coach, 150 ml, €67.40).

But with the arrival this autumn of the first body mask of Somatoline Cosmetic (Mud Mask Anti-Cellulite, 500 g, €39.90), and the announcement of the creation of a professional firming body mask in the Soin Expert Silhouette of Clarins in institute (from March 2022), there is a tendency there to explore! While face masks have long been part of our habits, this was far from being the case for body care! The leader in slimming cosmetics has opted for a black clay mask that combines anti-cellulite action and a moment of well-being, recreating the gestures and rituals of the institute at home. Its formula contains 95% natural ingredients (in addition to black clay, draining escin, blueberry to activate microcirculation and detoxifying dandelion). …

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