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Castor oil, a new biomaterial for make up

L’huile de ricin, un nouveau biomatériau pour le make up

Castor oil not only fortifies the dander! It has recently been discovered for use in make-up packaging (brushes for mascaras or eyebrows and lipstick casings). A vegetal alternative to micro-plastic and a serious eco-friendly asset. It is all good in castor oil!

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Castor fibers for mascara brushes

La Bouche Rouge was a pioneer in the use of castor oil for the brush of its mascara Le Sérum Noir (€39), the first mascara whose packaging is 100% recyclable (the body of the bottle is made of glass, a first!) and 99% natural formula.
This luxurious, eco-responsible and 100% French make-up brand refrains from using any micro-plastic at any stage of the design process. This is how it was led to develop the first mascara brush made of castor oil fibers.
In contact with the lashes the sensation is very soft and pleasant. The brush deposits the material perfectly, without overloading and does not catch the lashes (the opposite of the elastomer brushes which grip the lashes so much that they tear them off!). The makeup result is more than convincing! The brand is back this spring with its new Eyebrow Serum (€39), which fixes and disciplines eyebrows naturally.
Once again, glass body, castor oil fiber brush and formula containing 93% naturally derived ingredients.

If So Bio’étic (Léa Nature group) has not chosen this biomaterial for its new mascaras (Mascaras Infinite Length and Volume and Density, 12,20 € ; Mascara Courve Audacieuse, …

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