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Cologne tenacious

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The Cologne spirit is reinventing itself this summer. The luminous freshness of citrus fruits is always present, but it is adorned with woody, musky or spicy, more intense notes. The fragrances offer a much more present trail. The gesture becomes more parsimonious. No need to spray yourself to smell good!

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Cologne, an expression of a fresh, light and natural scent, dominated by citrus notes, was until now a gesture belonging to the sphere of well-being, which one accomplished for oneself. A final touch punctuating the toilet. Things are changing this summer. By diffusing like a perfume, this mythical classic of perfumery changes sides. From intimist, he becomes social!

The genre is being renewed with creations that offer a real remanence, such as Dominique Ropion's well-named Cologne Indélébile, published by Parfums Frédéric Malle (50 ml, 120 € or 100 ml, 175 €). Composed of the most beautiful raw materials (neroli essence and absolute orange blossom from Tunisia, lemon and bergamot from Calabria…), it does indeed have the structure of a Cologne, but,"overdosed" in white musks, it clings to the skin and offers a new dimension. The sensation of clean is there but it is combined with a magnetic sensuality worthy of the muscs oils of the Sixties. The result is a"double agent" fragrance that, despite its freshness, holds and diffuses like an extract. A carnal Cologne, like a caress on the skin, that's not banal!

In a more citrusy register, Pomélo Paradis is the latest"Cologne Absolue" from Atelier Cologne (30 ml, …

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