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Deodorants free from aluminium salts are spreading in supermarkets

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Although antiperspirants with aluminium salts are still available on the market, this summer, they are overshadowed by ‘0% deodorants’ (free from aluminium salts, then) in supermarkets (pharmacies had reacted earlier). Most mass-market brands now offer this alternative, while pharmacies have started displaying the first ‘shower gel-deodorants’…

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Deodorants free from aluminium salts are becoming widespread in supermarkets this summer. Even Narta, the historic antiperspirant leader in this network, have banked on them, with alcohol-free Déodorant Dermo Efficacité 48H (150 ml spray or 50 ml roll-on deodorant, two versions, for women and men, €4 each). Formulated with magnesium oxide to trap smells and humidity, the mist texture is offered in a new patented packaging (a spray fitted with a ring inspired from the design of Dyson fans and the snow cannon Mixa had developed in 2016). Gentler and anti-irritation for sensitive armpits, it enhances the spraying comfort and reduces both the cold sensation and the strength of the impact on the skin (instead of having only one outlet port like on standard valves, there are ten small ports positioned on two assembled circular rings for convergent micro-diffusion and the homogeneous distribution of the formula on the armpit).

Organic-certified deodorants in supermarkets

All L’Oréal brands have joined the movement:
• Mixa Déodorant Peau Sensible (Cica Confort Déodorant 48h Post-Rasage, 150 ml spray or 50 ml roll-on, €4.05 each) for sensitive skins, to be used after shaving
• Cadum (Douceur de Lait Déodorant micro-talc 48h, 150 ml spray or 50 ml roll-on, €3.60 each)
• And above all, Ushuaïa, who have just launched a Cosmébio-certified deodorant range with 100% natural perfumes (Rituel d’Ayurveda Deodorants with emblic, 125 ml mist or 50 ml roll-on, €4.45 each), based on plants derived from eco-responsible farming (the brand has partnered with Pur Projet)
It should be added that the mists are propelled with compressed air (125 ml = 200 ml), for optimum respect for the skin and the environment. Of course, this has repercussions on the product price! (€4.45, compared to €3.95, average price for an Ushuaïa deodorant).

Nivea and Dove also offer a great selection of aluminium salt-free deodorants.
The former have launched the Fresh Natural 0%, Fresh Flower 0%, and Fresh Comfort 0% deodorants (50 ml roll-on: €3.30; 150 ml spray: €2.70, or 100 ml pocket size: €2.20).

The latter count as many antiperspirants (14) as 0% deodorants in aerosol (200 ml, €3.95), roll-on (50 ml, €4.23), or compressed size versions (100 ml, €4.40), distributed in four ranges: Original (with ¼ moisturizer), Go Fresh, Anti-White Marks, and Talc Touch (the latter will be available in September).

The first shower gel-deodorant in pharmacies

After compressed deodorants, which had first appeared in supermarkets (the latest released, also free from aluminium salts, include that of Rogé Cavaillès: Déo-Soin Dermato Compressed Deodorant, 75 ml spray, €8.50), here comes Spirial Deo Douche, Intense Freshness Deodorizing Cleansing Gel by Laboratoires SVR (200 ml, €9.50), a shower gel-deodorant based on a complex of probiotics (selective antibacterial agents which fight against bad smells without disrupting the skin flora balance) for long-lasting freshness. Cleansing, purifying, and deodorizing, it can be used absolutely everywhere (face, body, hair, and intimate hygiene), it provides a standard foam, gets easily rinsed off, and leaves a clean sensation all day. It does not make it possible to get rid of a deodorant, but it does offer additional security. Thanks to it, you have got both the seatbelt and the braces!
This most innovative brand had already imagined the first plant-based antiperspirant free from aluminium salts last year (Spirial Végétal 48H Antiperspirant Deodorant free from aluminium salts, 50 ml, €8.50)!
Now, all this can be quite confusing, so do not forget to carefully read product labels!

Ariane Le Febvre
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