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Les mascaras voient double !

With their transformable brush, two-sided or double-tipped, these innovative mascaras are much more than 2 in 1, it’s simple, they do it all: thicken, lengthen and bend. No more need to choose and above all no more need to have several mascaras!

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These multi-tasking mascaras combine the three main qualities expected of a mascara: volume, length and curvature.

The first to have had this idea of a transformable brush that can adopt two positions is Bourjois with his Twist Up Extreme Fiber Mascara (€15.50).
Position 1 of the brush, elongated brush: it stretches and separates the lashes one by one to bring length and definition.
Brush position 2, narrowed brush: it “loads” the lashes and gives them maximum volume.
The formula enriched with microfibres combines with the oval plastic brush to perfect the result.

The double-sided brush is thanks to Nocibé and his recently released Vice Versa Mascara (Mascara Hybrid Brush 2 in 1, €14.95).
On one side of the brush (the fibre side) you weave, on the other (the plastic side), you stretch by separating and refine its curve.
From ultra natural to dramatic… you choose your look and adjust the desired effect. Its plus: its ease of application and its formula resistant to tears and the sometimes sporty efforts of the day.

But the most spectacular is surely that of Huda Beauty with its two brushes (Legit Lashes Mascara, 2 X 8.5 ml, €27, at Sephora).
The famous blogger, who made a name for herself by launching false eyelashes in 2013, has struck a big blow by imagining this double-tip mascara, allowing you to tick all the boxes!
This generalist-king offers not one, but two life-size mascaras in a single product. On one side, a conical brush with spikes to get a nice volume. On the other, the second curved brush with nine rows of spikes focuses on length and curvature. The patented 5 mm long fibres in the formula mimic natural lashes.
The make-up result is just amazing!

Generally speaking, most new mascaras have at least two or even three intentions: volume, amplitude and curve for the Full Frontal Mascara by Fenty Beauty by Rihanna (€24, at Sephora), curve and volume for the latest Mascara At Lash’D by Marc Jacobs Beauty (€29), whose gold and black striped bottle is inspired by a dress from the 2014 collection, volume and length for the next mascara by Tarte (Maneater Mascara, €24.50, at Sephora from August 21).

Ariane Le Febvre
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