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Tea, coffee or chocolate?

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Spring is coming soon with an air of “breakfast at beauty”! These three great breakfast classics are at the party in facial treatments as much as in make-up.

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Coffee scrub

L’Oréal Paris Anti-fatigue Fatigue Scrub with energizing coffee (50 ml, €9.90) is ideal to “wake up” the gloomy complexions of late winter and so tender that it can also be applied to the mouth.

But the great specialist in coffee scrub that warms up the complexion is the Australian brand Franck Body (exclusively on the Sephora site), which offers it for the body (Original Coffee Scrub, Le Vrai Gommage au Café, 200 g, €16), as well as for the lips (Gommage Lèvres au café, 15 ml, €11.99). The latest body versions are accompanied by cocoa (Coffee and cocoa scrub, 200 g, €16), coconut (Coffee and coconut scrub, 200 g, €16), or sugar and Australian ingredients: eucalyptus oil, digital lime (natural AHA), roasted and ground robusta beans… The brand believes so much in the antioxidant and invigorating power of coffee that it puts it in all its products! (Facial Cleansing Cream, 100 ml, €19,99; Coffee and cocoa body cream, 200 g, €21,99…).

Tea therapy!

Its richness in antioxidant polyphenols is attracting a growing number of brands.
There was already Cha Ling L’Esprit du Thé (a luxury Sino-French house entirely dedicated to Pu’Er tea from Yunnan, the latest innovation: Plumping Serum, 15 ml, €49, accompanied by Ga Sha, a ceramic massage tool), or Themaé (among the recent launches, Youth Ceremony, Multi-active anti-aging cream with a complex of 4 Teas, 50 ml, €85), but it will now be necessary to count with these new brands more “fun”, entirely devoted to Camellia sinensis leaves.

This is the case of the mischievous Korean brand a;t fox (for afternoon tea time! Available on www.atfox.fr) which combines Korean teas (Gyoolpy, Jasojup, black tea or green tea) as desired, in facial serums (Teacell Ampoule, 50 ml, €25), cotton face masks (€2 per unit) or bio-cellulose (€6 per unit), Firming face creams (50 ml, €24), soothing or radiant and moisturizing (50 ml, €22 each), or Gyoolpy tea mist (Bright and moisturizing mist, 80 ml, €10). Each skin type has its own tea!

More original, we find the “imagery” of tea in palettes of eyeshadows that change color.
Thanks to a black base and a neutral base, the nine original shades can be transformed into 27 different shades.
The icing on the cake is that each eye shadow is presented in a tea cup (What’s The Tea The Balm Cosmetics, €36, two harmonies: Ice Tea and Hot Tea, exclusively at Monoprix and debruyerebeauté.com from April).

To your tablets!

If chocolate skincare products are already known for their anti-stress benefits (after Alban Muller and his Masque Visage Mousse au Chocolat Cru, 100 ml, €39, here is Bernard Cassière’s Masque Mousse au Chocolat, 75 ml, €24,60, Collector’s Edition, just to change chocolate eggs at Easter and create a surprise!), chocolate bar-shaped make-up palettes are more original.

And we will be able to find the Délice de Poudre Highlighting Palette de Bourjois (€17.50) palette of illuminators, which combines 4 universal shades, enriched with cocoa extract and packaged in a chocolate bar package. A playful wink, all the application tips can be found on a golden ticket inspired by Charlie and the chocolate factory.

But the expert in chocolate make-up is undoubtedly the American brand Too Faced and its delectable fragrances.
Her new creation is also a chocolate contouring palette (Cocoa Contour, €46, from May at Sephora).
Be careful not to bite into these appetizing “chocolate squares”!

Ariane Le Febvre
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