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You'll take a little ampoule cure, won't you?

Vous prendrez bien une petite cure d’ampoules ?

Easy to understand (not like some products of the moment!), these SOS treatments boost the skin at the end of winter. In the “new spring skin”, plumping or anti-wrinkle version, they deliver the right dose of active ingredients to the skin every day. Their benefits are rapid (one week for most of them), the specific packaging in ampoules allows a high concentration. Formulated as rescue programs, they allow you to welcome the arrival of fine weather with a more dashing complexion!

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The “new skin effect” cures

With the ever-increasing pace of life, women are waiting for high-performance solutions that simplify their daily lives (and not make them more complex!).

The rapid effectiveness and simple benefits, without the “hassle” of cures are seductive. They offer an anti-ageing boost in the event of a slowdown.

This is the case with glycolic acid compositions that help to make “new skin” by stimulating cell renewal and restoring the luminosity of the complexion.
Other advantages: practical when travelling, they do away with preservatives and are evolving this spring towards more minimalism.

Thus, the latest launch of Vichy Anti-Spot & Radiance (Liftactiv Specialist Glyco-C Night Peeling Ampoules, the box of 10 x 2 ml ampoules, €27.80 or the box of 30 x 2 ml ampoules, €54, from April 13) contains only 11 ingredients, including 10% exfoliating glycolic acid (to help eliminate pigmentary residues), vitamin C, hyaluronic acid of natural origin and Vichy volcanic water.

L’Oréal Paris has just unveiled its new treatment composed of seven ampoules also concentrated with 10% glycolic acid (combined with hyaluronic acid and glycerin) to help the skin renew itself (Revitalift Laser X3 Cure 7 Days Peeling Effect Ampoules, 7 …

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