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News Brief : June 2019

06/25/2019 ECHA to scrutinise all REACH registrations by 2027 p

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ECHA will start to evaluate 20 % of registration dossiers in each tonnage band to improve ...

06/14/2019 Microplastics in the Disposable Anti-Plastics Directive

The European Commission has just published Directive 2019/904 which aims is “the reduction of the impact of certain plastic products on the environment”. It mainly targets the single-use plastic products as well as fishing gear containing plastic and products made from oxo-degradable plastic.
But, if microplastics do not fall directly within its scope, the whearas 8 states that “they contribute to marine litter and the Union should therefore adopt a comprehensive approach to that problem. The Union should encourage all producers to strictly limit microplastics in their formulations.”
• See the text of Directive 2019/904

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