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CI 42090 (CI 42090 et laques)
English name
Blue 1
2650-18-2 / 3844-45-9 / 68921-42-6 / 155792-67-3 / 71701-18-3 / 71701-19-4
CE No.
220-168-0 / 223-339-8 / 272-939-6 / 239-897-0 / 275-866-8 / 275-867-3


  • Synthetic

CosIng functions

  1. Colorant (Blue)


Blue colorants which may be used in all types of cosmetic products.

European Union
• May be used in Europe as food additives (E173). Must comply purity criteria as set out in European Commission Directive 95/45/EC.
• To identify the colorants allowed for use in European Union, the INCI name CI 42090 must be used, except for hair dyes products.

• To identify the certified colorant for labeling purposes in the US, the INCI name Blue 1 must be used.
• To identify the certified salt of Blue 1 extended on an appropriate substrate in compliance with Code of federal regulations (section 21CFR82.1051), the INCI name Blue 1 Lake must be used.

• To identify the colorants allowed for use in Japan, the INCI names Ao1 or Ao205 must be used.

Knowledge to date

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