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Endocrine disruptors raise much concern and give rise to multiple reactions, both from the general public and political and health authorities. All this implies many uncertainties as regards a number of ingredients widely used in cosmetics formulas.

These ebooks provides an update on everything that should be known about endocrine disruptors, with the list of the most commonly used or suspected endocrine disrupters in cosmetics, with 37 data sheets, current regulations, ongoing evaluations and prospects for the future.

English versions - PDF format. L’Observatoire des Cosmétiques’ editions.

Endocrine disruptors are substances likely to interact with the endocrine system, causing an impact on health, in particular the development of cancers or human reproductive disorders. They can be found in many everyday consumer goods, including cosmetics.

The databook provides an update on what should be known about endocrine disruptors.

A list of 28 substances was established and divided into two groups:
• Group A consists of 14 substances that should be treated with higher priority for assessment as they are undergoing substance evaluation (SEV) under REACH for ED concerns or the SEV has already confirmed ED concerns
• Group B consists of 14 substances where either no SEV has been initiated or the outcome of the SEV is of an environmental ED concern and not a human health one, or that have recently been evaluated by the SCCS

This means that 28 cosmetic ingredients are already in regulatory status pending an ongoing or future assessment.
And substances that have been included in the CoRAP (Community Rolling Action Plan), the chemical evaluation programme under the REACH Regulation, for their potential as endocrine disruptors, should be added.
As well as those listed by the work of IPCP (International Expert Group on Chemical Pollution) initiated by the UN.

All these sources were the basis for the selection of ingredients in the ebook. They have been arranged here in alphabetical order. For each of them, CosmeticOBs presents the reasons why they are targeted, the current regulations applicable to them, the timetable for their evaluation…. In a way, the essential points to know before deciding whether or not to use and/or substitute them in the formulation of a product.

The author
A graduate of the School of Journalism in Lille, Laurence Wittner is a freelance journalist specializing in the field of cosmetics. Co-founder of Monitor Cosmetics, she is the editor-in-chief of its supports.

Ebook 2020 “Endocrine Disruptors Ingredients”, english version, L’Observatoire des Cosmétiques’ edition (August 2020), 99 pages (ISBN : 979-10-92544-51-0), PDF format (2 Mo).

Databook “Endocrine disruptors 2020”, english version, L’Observatoire des Cosmétiques’ edition (August 2020), 93 pages (ISBN : 979-10-92544-35-0), PDF format (740 Ko).