The experts

Docteur Stephane Pirnay

Doctor of Pharmacy and Doctor of Toxicology, Eurotox-certified expert toxicologist. A graduate of France’s Académie nationale de Pharmacie and of the Université Paris V, a laureate of the Paris Chamber of Commerce. Member of the European Commission working groups and SCCS external expert. After ten years of experience in the public sector (Ministry of the Interior, of Research, and of Teaching), today Pirnay is a toxicology instructor at the Université Paris V, the author of more than one hundred scientific publications both in France and abroad, an expert witness to the Paris Court of Appeals, and the founding president of independent toxicological expertise firm and laboratory EXPERTOX. He works as a regulatory consultant and safety assessor, and he performs analytical, microbiological, and toxicological tests. Finally, he is also involved in GMP audits for quality control and quality assurance for the companies he works with.