The experts

Madame Benoliel Corinne

Corinne Benoliel is specialized in the formulation, regulation, microbiology and scientific marketing of cosmetics, detergents, disinfectants (biocides and medical devices).
She is also the founder of INSTITUT SCIENTIS, a company providing scientific services, specialising in the regulation, microbiology and design of products such as cosmetics, biocides, detergents and candles. Its main activity is the safety assessment of cosmetic products (in-house ERT toxicologist expert). Its areas of expertise are extended to the drafting of PIDs, their audit, CPNP notification, verification of labels, and standards monitoring. INSTITUT SCIENTIS INSTITUTE provides a general regulatory and scientific hotline on a daily basis. Approved by the Ministry of Research (CIR/CII), their laboratory offers the creation of galenic forms adapted to the expectations of marketing departments and in compliance with regulatory requirements.
INSTITUT SCIENTIS INSTITUTE is a registered and data-registered training organisation, recognised for the quality of the training provided.