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La crème radieuse - Sun Cream SPF 50

Daylily Paris-Belle Enceinte


Manufacturer’s Presentation

Sun cream
SPF 50
Helps prevent pregnancy mask
Light and transparent finish
Without paraben, phthalate, etc*
Developed with a midwife
85% of natural origin
Action against the pregnancy mask

During pregnancy, hyperpigmentation of the skin may appear on the face.
This unsightly phenomenon, also called “pregnancy mask”, occurs because of the sun.
The radiant cream SPF 50 gives you optimal sun protection to help prevent the appearance of these brown spots.

Wake up your senses
This radiant cream SPF 50, with a non-sticky finish and no white film, will transport you to a sandy beach with its solar scent.
*Developed specifically for pregnant women: no paraben, no phthalate, no phenoxyethanol, no essential oil, no alcohol, no paraffinum liquidum, no nano, no triclosan, etc.

Made in France

Directions for use

From the beginning of your pregnancy and during breastfeeding, apply the “crème radieuse” every morning on your face and neck, like a day cream.
It provides an excellent make-up base.

Reapply frequently during sun exposure.
Also wear a hat and sunglasses and avoid midday sun.

Shake well before use.

Tip: put it in your handbag so you always have it with you ;-)

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