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Daylong - Face

SUNSCREENS : Sun creams and lotions : Face - Tinted
Indicative price : 15.50 €
Price per 100mL / 100g : 31.00 €
PAO : 12 M on bottle cardboard box
Expiration date : on none
Batch number : on bottle , cardboard box
Pharmacies , Parapharmacies , Internet

50 mL (1.66 US fl.oz.) Pump bottle (plastic cap) + cardboad box


Manufacturer’s Presentation

SPF 50+
Very high protection
Sensitive skin, mixed to oily
Sebo-regulator and long lasting matifying effect
Multi-protection against UVA and UVB rays, antioxidant and anti-pollution
Unifies and illuminates the complexion

Daylong - Dermatological Skin Care
Daylong™ Sensitive Face Tinted BB Fluid is a daily sun protection for the face that unifies and illuminates the complexion.
Its ultra-light texture matifies the skin and regulates the production of sebum for an anti-shine action.

Daylong’s photostable UV filter system offers high performance UVA and UVB protection, effective cellular protection and prevents skin aging due to the sun.

Non comodogenic. Resistant to water and sweat.

Made in Switzerland

Recommendations for use

Before sun exposure, apply a generous amount of product and thoroughly penetrate.
Avoid contact with the eyes.
Apply several times to maintain the effectiveness of sunscreen, especially after swimming, after you have dried and sweated.
Applying too small amounts greatly reduces the protective effect.
Avoid the sun in the middle of the day.
Exposing yourself excessively to the sun is dangerous for the skin.
Even products with high SPF do not guarantee complete protection against UV rays.
Daily sun protection can prevent premature aging of the skin.
Do not expose babies and young children directly to the sun.
Sun products can cause permanent discoloration of textiles and other materials.