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La Biosthétique - Make-up

MAKE-UP : Lips : Lipgloss
Indicative price : 21.35 €
Price per 100mL / 100g : 572.50 €
PAO : 18 M on bottle cardboard box
Expiration date : on none
Batch number : on none
Hair salons , Internet

4 ml (0.14 US fl.oz.) Glass bottle (applicator tip, plastic cap) + cardboard box - Available in 5 shades


Manufacturer’s presentation


Intense shine and protective care: Ultra-shiny Cream Gloss for luscious lips in a single gesture for a glamorous look of the years.

Made in Italy

Recommendations for use

Apply Cream Gloss to the lips using the applicator.
The creamy texture allows a simple and precise application.
Tip: For an amazing 3D effect, make up the lips with pencil and lipstick, then apply the gloss in the middle of the upper and lower lip.