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Radiance Activating Serum

Poméol-Belle De Jour


Manufacturer’s presentation

Revitalizing regenerating nutrition
Apple flavonoids

For more than 10 years, Poméol has been drawing its originality from Pomothérapie, an innovative approach to self-care designed by Dr. Laurent Didden.
This unique know-how, inspired by research on apple active ingredients, has given birth to ultra-efficient and deliciously joyful skin care products like the fruit that inspired them.

Brightness activating solution
A well nourished skin is a beautiful skin.
Poméol Belle de jour is the essential cosmetic solution for those who make beauty a way of life.
Generous in active ingredients, the ointment is ultra-soft and subtly perfumed for intense nutrition and renewed pleasure of use.

The star asset: The pomadermine-Q15
Exclusive Poméol ingredient, Pomadermine-Q15 is extracted from the apple.
It is particularly concentrated in the skin of the fruit.
It has been selected for its antioxidant properties among the highest of all apple polyphenols.
Its action is boosted by apple vegetable water.
To be found in the Belle de jour collection.

+38 % complexion brightness
+16 % cell regeneration from 6 days vs placebo**

*Effectiveness study, on 20 women, 28 days of application 2x/day on the face of an Oxyboost Nutricible cream.
**In vitro study, result vs placebo on keratinocyte proliferation after 6 days of incubation with apple vegetable water.

Multi-offensive beauty
1/ Nourishes and hydrates
Hyaluronic acid, aloe vera
2/ Revitalizes and oxygen
Nutricible Oxyboost
3/ Regenerates, energizes and protects
Apple and Pomadermine-Q15 plant water, Nutricible, Celluprotect, retinol, zinc, vitamin E

Free of parabens, phthalates, sodium laureth sulfate, silicones.
Reasoned cosmetics

Made in France

Directions for use

For all skin types.
Apply a small amount of serum morning and/or evening alone or under your usual care.
Apply a thin layer to the face and neck, not forgetting the eye area.
Your skin is oxygenated and soothed with a new radiance; your youthfulness lasts longer.
Can also be used as a mask for intense oxygenation: leave on for 10 minutes in a thick layer.

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