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A cleaner hair, for longer with Nutrinvent Balance by Croda

Des cheveux plus propres, plus longtemps avec Nutrinvent Balance de Croda

Based on a novel encapsulation technology, this active launched by Croda allows a targeted delivery and a controlled release of “anti-oily hair” actives, for an instant reduction of sebum on the scalp and a continual improvement with repeated applications. With a perceivable effectiveness for consumers, it offers the possibility to adapt the usual hair washing routines.

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“Our hair care routines are evolving to meet the demands of the modern world, with consumers becoming more mindful of how their choices impact the world around them. Consumers are seeking opportunities to adapt their hair wash routines to incorporate more convenient and sustainable solutions, particularly those who have adopted intensive hair wash routines to combat scalp oiliness,” Croda explains.
To answer the growing consumer demand for time-saving solutions, coupled with an increasing awareness of the need to maintain scalp wellness and the impact scalp imbalances can have upon the hair, the active ingredient supplier has developed a solution to tackle oily scalps that will not compromise on the condition of the scalp or aesthetics of the hair.

The special features of Nutrinvent Balance

Nutrinvent Balance employs a novel encapsulation technology to ensure the targeted delivery and controlled release of actives onto the scalp and hair. Suitable for inclusion in a wide variety of hair care formulations, it provides instant sebum reduction on the scalp from the first application, ideal for consumers prone to scalp oiliness. Its perceivable effects continue to improve with repeated applications, and consumers are thus offered an opportunity to adapt their usual hair wash routines.

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