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March 22, 2018 | Ingredients datasheets

Datasheet: Rosa centifolia flower water pro

This datasheet contains exhaustive basic information: chemical identification, technical data, functions, origins, regulations, safety, trade names and suppliers, formulation tips… Find out everything about this cosmetic ingredient with a single click.

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March 21, 2018 | Cosmetics news

Circular economy and cosmetics: FEBEA publishes a list of good practices

Today, environmental preservation is a fundamental issue for all industries, including cosmetics. As regards the planet’s wellness, brands need to play the game and constantly rethink their production mode to preserve natural resources. FEBEA (French Federation of Beauty Companies) has just published the first White Paper on this issue, which comprises a list of 120 measures taken by 57 beauty players. What for? To help all companies adopt these good ideas.

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March 13, 2018 | Cosmetic regulations

What status for false nail glue? Or the story of the platypus hoax pro

In their 6th annual report dated February 9th 2018, RAPEX mention the marketing ban on a false nail glue containing hydroquinone, which classifies it in the category of cosmetic products. Glue, a cosmetic product? This classification surprised CosmeticOBS, so we asked for the opinion of a regulations specialist. Who would have thought Dr Frédéric Lebreux, Biorius Chief Operating Officer, would give us an answer based on an analogy with the platypus? His explanation is actually charming, and quite relevant from a regulatory standpoint!

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March 19, 2018 | Trends

The boom of solid cosmetics

Less is more… and that also goes for the beauty sector. More and more brands offer ‘solid’ versions of cosmetics. What for? To provide consumers with a more natural and sustainable beauty alternative.

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March 22, 2018 | Focus on French Launches

Slimming scrubs are booming…

Toning, remineralizing, really draining… Such are the boosting slimming claims putting slimming products in the spotlight, when they were actually not announced as the season’s stars.

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Feb. 21, 2018 | They are the cosmetics

Mi-rê: Korean expertise with a French touch

When you say K-Beauty, no doubt you think about cosmetics with pop and wacky packaging, incongruous ingredients, and resolutely Kawaii and regressive designs. However, French-Korean brand Mi-rê proves these clichés wrong. The two founders, Elizabeth Tremosa and Miseong Kim, have a very definite idea of the identity they want for their cosmetics. Here is a portrait.

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Nov. 22, 2017 | Dossiers

Endocrine disruptors: the dossier

Endocrine disruptors are substances which are likely to interact with the hormone system, with implications for health, cancer development, and human reproduction. They are everywhere, in particular in cosmetic products, and they both raise a lot of concern and provoke many reactions, whether from the general public or political and health authorities. This dossier provides an update on what should be known about endocrine disruptors.

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March 5, 2018 | Cosmetics glossary


What if washing your hair with shampoo was not the ideal hair care method? Based on this principle, the co-wash technique favours the use of conditioners as washing agents.

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