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Clearthix S, the new thickener from Alchemy Ingredients

Clearthix S, le nouvel épaississant d'Alchemy Ingredients

Alchemy Ingredients, specialising in functional ingredients, has just launched Clearthix S, a natural thickener that can be used to modify viscosity or form gels in aqueous systems. With no pilling or tacky effect, it also has a special synergy with hyaluronic acid which gives the formulations moisturising properties.

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Clearthix S is a natural viscosity modifier for water based systems. This synergistic mixture of natural gums produces a smooth, transparent gel that can be used on its own or in an emulsion. The gels produced are moisturising and can be used as a base for facial products, after sun gel, eye gels, masks etc.


Cellulose Gum
Cellulose is the most abundant organic compound on Earth and is found in all plant cells. Clearthix S uses cellulose gum derived from wood and cotton, both of which are renewable and sustainably sourced from the waste stream of the timber and clothing industries. Cellulose gum is prepared by extraction from the biomass using acid, and then conversion to the sodium salt to make the material water soluble. The cellulose gum used in Clearthix S has a very high purity and is used in the pharmaceutical industry.

Alginic acid is extracted from brown seaweeds which grow in many parts of the world, mainly in cold waters - species include Laminaria, Ascophyllum and Lessonia. Material is extracted using an alkali and acid process to yield the water soluble salt of Alginic acid (sodium alginate). The alginate used in Clearthix S was developed …

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