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Cosmetic ingredients: what's new with Solabia?

Ingrédients cosmétiques : quoi de nouveau du côté de Solabia ?

The French supplier has just released its new 2020 actives ingredients. In the program, ingredients that can fight urban’aging, strengthen the skin’s microbiome or fight against the signs of aging. Trendy claims, in vogue among consumers. A brief review of new products.

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For this 2020 season, Solabia has added several active ingredients to its portfolio and has focused on ingredients that respond to contemporary concerns (prevention against oxidative stress and anti-aging) while remaining faithful to its preferred area of expertise: microbiome care.

Bioecolia® (INCI name: Alpha-Glucan Oligosaccharide)

It is a recognized prebiotic that preserves the body’s ecosystem by maintaining the balance of the microbiota.
It is obtained by a patented process of enzymatic biocatalysis from plant substrates.
“Its structure, composed of a chain of glucose units, constitutes a preferential substrate for the nutrition of the microorganisms of our body. This selectivity is linked to the presence of specific bonds (α-(1-6) and α-(1-2)) that allow a faster and more efficient use of glucose by our flora,” explains Solabia. “Bioecolia® rebalances the bacterial landscape, strengthens the skin’s microbiological barrier and reinforces our body’s natural defenses by stimulating the production of antimicrobial peptides, key markers of immunity.” This active ingredient will find its place in children’s, anti-acne, intimate hygiene and hair care products.

Invincity® Powder (INCI name: Maltodextrin, Ascophyllum Nodosum Extract)

“For several years now, awareness of the impact of pollution on nature, but also on the skin, has been accelerating. This gave rise to …

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