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Cosmetic short news - Minnesota bans Triclosan

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Latest cosmetics news in brief - Minnesota bans Triclosan - China announces the end of mandatory animal testing - Nanos: European Commission launched a public consultation - Essential oils in discussion in Brussels - France: strong competition for beauty specialist retailers - A bill to end animal testing in Australia - Aluminium: concern in Germany…

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May, 26 - Minnesota bans Triclosan
Minnesota becomes first state to ban triclosan. Gov. Mark Dayton recently signed a bill legalizing a measure banning triclosan-containing products (including soaps, toothpastes and deodorants) in the state. The bill is justify by environmental and health concerns, as well as a risk of resistance to bacteria. The law will go into effect January 1, 2017.
• Also see the article 'Triclosan' , in the Ingredient of the month Section

May, 20 - China announces the end of mandatory animal testing
The report was posted online by Chinese television CCTV. And what does it says? "Chinese law currently requires all cosmetics products to be tested on animals -- meaning some international brands have stayed out of the mainland. But the Chinese Government says that from this summer, cosmetics companies will be able to choose whether or not to test on live animals. Ahead of the move, Chinese scientists are now learning about alternative test methods ." Conclusion of CCTV: " The country is rolling out the welcoming mat to companies that refused animal testing and couldn’t get a slice of China’s cosmetics pie ."
• See the report online (English version)

May, 19 - Nanos: …

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