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EleVastin by Gattefossé: to prevent gravity-induced face sagging

EleVastin de Gattefossé : pour lutter contre l’affaissement du visage dû à la gravité

Though the laws of gravity are inescapable, the side effects they have on our skin don’t have to be, says Gattefossé. EleVastin is its targeted solution to gravity-induced skin sagging. The ingredient boosts key proteins involved in the synthesis and maintenance of functional elastic fibers. Doing so, it reinforces skin elasticity giving it the support needed to cope with this downward pressure.

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EleVastin is a truly natural active ingredient, extracted from the leafy stems of Murraya koenigii, an ayurvedic and aromatic plant. The plant material is harvested in the preserved environnment of La Reunion island, on fertilizer-free plots.
A rich pool of synergistic phytomolecules is obtained using a natural LTTM solvent (low transition temperature mixture) and gentle extraction process.

Mode of action and efficacy

With age, elastic fibers degrade much quickly than they are synthesized. EleVastin combats the degradation of the elastic capital and tends to reverse the balance between synthesis and degradation with a targeted action at two levels:
• On one hand, the ingredient boosts the synthesis of key proteins for the assembly of functional elastic fibers: elastin, fibrillin-1 and fibulin-5; this property has been confirmed using various models of increasing complexity (monolayer culture of fibroblasts / 3D bio-engineered skin model): as an example, tested at 0.1% on 3D skin models, the active increases elastin by +145%
• On the other hand, it protects the elastic fibers from degradation by inhibiting the proteolytic activity of MMP-12, up to -57% inhibition of the activity of this elastase (testes on a monolayer culture of fibroblasts)

Through this mechanism of action, it ensures …

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