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EPS Seaglow, Codif's healthy-glowing active ingredient

EPS Seaglow, l’actif bonne mine de Codif

For its new launch in 2020, the Breton ingredient supplier is hunting for a dull complexion. Seaglow EPS improves vascularization and gives the skin a pinkish colour, synonymous with freshness, good health and youthfulness. An active “self-confidence” booster, as presented in Codif.

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“In the dermis, endothelial cells are the main components of blood capillaries. Angiogenesis is the process by which new blood vessels are formed, allowing the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues. This is a vital function, necessary for growth and development as well as for healing,” explains Codif. “Skin vascularization is altered during aging. There is a progressive decrease in the formation of new blood vessels, leading to a paler complexion. The decrease in the density of blood capillaries with age is due to a decline in AGFs (Angiogenic Growth Factors), signal proteins produced by skin cells that allow the creation of blood vessels from endothelial cells. These are the key factors in vascularization strategies.”

A marine active ingredient

To boost skin vascularisation, the ingredient supplier has developed a marine active ingredient capable of improving the performance of FFAs. EPS Seaglow (INCI name: EPS Seaglow MNB) is a depolymerized ExoPolySaccharide (EPS) composed of sulphated sugars.
“In 2016, researchers at the East China University of Science and Technology highlighted the properties of a sulphated sugar to act in synergy with a FFA and thus promote angiogenesis and tissue vascularization,” says Codif.

Codif cultivates the marine microorganism needed to make …

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