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EPS Seapur: Codif's new anti-blemish active ingredient

EPS Seapur: Codif's new anti-blemish active ingredient

The onset of acne lesions does not only affect adolescents. One-third of women aged 25 to 40 report suffering from it. To overcome this problem, Codif has just released a “microbiote friendly” active ingredient. Unlike most ingredients that fight imperfections, this one is not abrasive, but works in synergy with the bacteria in the skin.

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“Outside the scope of acne, skin irregularities reflect a weakening of microbial protection and an imbalance of the microbiota. Rather than formulating molecules directed against those responsible for these inflammations, our laboratories have decided to develop a marine post-biotic, manufactured by bacteria; capable of taking care of the bacterial ecosystem,” explains Codif. “The idea being to naturally control, through our own tools, those responsible for the development of acne lesions.”

EPS Seapur is an exopolysaccharide (EPS) derived from a marine planktonic micro-organism from Brittany. “EPSs play a role in communication within the bacterial flora. They are therefore good candidates for the self-regulation of skin microbiota populations,” adds Codif.

Work with, not against the skin microbiota

Acne disorders are caused by P.acnes when it proliferates too much.
Recent studies have shown that over-colonization of this bacterium causes the release of irritating mediators and therefore the development of imperfections.
However, when present in normal proportion, it contributes to the inhibition of pathogenic bacteria such as S.aureus, which is responsible for suppurative skin infections, for example.

“A period of transient stress causes an imbalance in the microbiota, which triggers the activation of inflammatory reactions,” adds Codif. “Daily exposure to external aggressions, but also …

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