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Health Canada adjusts its upcoming changes to the Cosmetic Ingredient Hotlist

Santé Canada ajuste ses prochaines modifications de la Liste Critique des ingrédients cosmétiques

From October 14 to December 12, 2020, Health Canada opened a consultation on several changes to the Cosmetic Ingredient Hotlist. After reviewing the large number of comments received, changes were made to the proposed restrictions for three groups of substances: azelaic acid and its salts, retinoic acid or its salts or derivatives, and alpha-hydroxy acids.

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Prior to the final release of the Hotlist, expected in the fall of 2021, Health Canada provided updates on proposed changes for three of the listings included in the last consultation.

Azelaic acid and its salts

Azelaic acid and its salts are being considered for addition to the list of restrictedsubstances due to therapeutic properties at certain concentrations and risk of skin irritation at high concentrations. In the Consultation, proposed maximum concentrations permitted were 0.3% for leave-on products and 10% for rinse-off products. Following the review of comments, the maximum concentration permitted has been revised to 14% for all cosmetic products.

Proposed Hotlist Conditions for Azelaic acid and its salts

Ingredient Information
• Chemical: Azelaic acid and its salts
• CAS (including but not limited to): 123-99-9; 52457-54-2; 132499-85-5; 17265-13-3; 27825-99-6
• Synonyms and Related Compounds (including but not limited to): Nonanedioic acid; Disodium Azelate; Dipotassium Azelate
• Maximum Concentration Permitted: 14%

Retinoic acid

The Consultation indicated the entry would be revised to clarify that derivatives and salts of retinoic acid are captured by the entry. Additional information regarding certain retinoic acid derivatives was received during the Consultation. Following the review of comments, the Retinoic acid entry on …

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