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Principhyal® Cube3: Roelmi HPC Power 3 hyaluronic acid

Principhyal® Cube3 : l'acide hyaluronique puissance 3 de Roelmi HPC

A 2.0 hyaluronic acid: this is what the ingredient supplier Roelmi HPC offers. With a very specific spectrum of effectiveness, it acts in synergy with the biochemical mechanisms of the skin for an immediate lifting, restructuring and, of course, moisturising effect, as well as an instant improvement in the skin’s condition.

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Skin aging and dehydration are directly related to the appearance of rough skin, fine lines and wrinkles. Over the years aging, lifestyle, stress contribute to the loss of skin elasticity, collagen and hyaluronic acid which are fundamental elements for the well-being of the skin. The result? The skin is not able enough to retain water and appears dehydrated and poor in tone.
Roelmi HPC has developed the Full Spectrum Technology revealing HA Tech 2.0®, the next generation Hyaluronans.
Principhyal® Cube3 is composed of different sizes of Hyaluronans, as naturally found in skin that delivers a specific message to skin cells helping to focus on targeted physiological action.
Endogenous hyaluronans continuously interact with the cellular receptor CD44 promoting positive and negative feedback responses. Principhyal® Cube3 finely respects the physiological composition of the hyaluronan matrix by improving the natural CD44 receptor responses.
From biofermentation, it improves skin aspect (immediate lifting, smoothed, healthier, more hydrated, re-structured) and is able to improve the permeation of actives into the skin.

Efficacy and benefits

Principhyal® Cube3 quickly lifts the skin through a complete effect (elasticity, smoothness, wrinkleness, depth of wrinkles, modulation of elastin synthesis, improvement of skin aspects), but also enhances the penetration …

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