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Which vegetable oil for which purpose?

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They are at the basis of creams, care oils, after-shampoos … and all the emulsions as a whole. They are very often ingredients of natural and organic products, but also of "conventional" cosmetics. They are more than a simple excipient, as they are a very useful source of active ingredients that skins do like! However, which one is the most convenient for your skin or your hair? When is it better to use this or taht vegetable oil? Some clues to use them wisely!

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Fatty acids (some being essential, i.e. our body is unable to produce them) and vitamins present in vegetable oils make them invaluable. Our skins like this richness. For sure, they may be used in vinaigrette, an emulsion that makes them very efficient from the inside of the body. Nevertheless, they are also very useful in cosmetics, for "in surface" care.

abricot Apricot
INCI : Prunus Armeniaca Kernel Oil

Soothing and softening
Moisturizing and nourishing
• Regenerating and toning

Applications in cosmetics : care for dry, stiff, colourless, weary, thin and sensitive skins.

argan_01 Argan
INCI :Argania Spinosa Kernel Pil

• Nourishing and fortifying
• Regenerating and revitalizing
• Healing

Applications in cosmetics: care for dry and stiff skins and hair, care for mature skins, anti-wrinkles.

avocat_01 Avocado
INCI :Persea Gratissima Oil

Soothing and softening
• Regenerating and fortifying

Applications in cosmetics: care for dry and dull skins and hair, care for sensitive and mature skins, anti-wrinkles, after-sun repair serum.

Baobab baobab_01
:Adansonia Digitata Oil

Soothing and softening
• Nourishing and regenerating
• Healing

Applications in cosmetics: care for irritated, sensitive and mature skins, care for brittle hair and nails.

bourrache Borage
INCI : Borago Officinalis seed Oil

• Softening
• …

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