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Tuesday, March 12, 2024Ecoresponsability

Bulk sales: a practical factsheet from the DGCCRF

Vente en vrac : un fiche pratique de la DGCCRF

To mark Bulk Month, which is being celebrated in March in France, the DGCCRF has published a practical information sheet for professionals in all the sectors concerned, including cosmetics, to remind them of the applicable regulations and the best practices to be observed.

Reading time
~ 2 minutes

Six points are developed in this fact sheet, in the form of as many questions:
• What is bulk sales?
• What are the exceptions to bulk sales?
• What precautions should be taken when making products available?
• What are the obligations when consumers bring their own containers?
• What are the weighing requirements?
• What are the specific requirements for bulk sales of liquid products?

Cosmetics: yes, but…
The fact sheet states that any everyday consumer product may be sold in bulk, including cosmetics.
However, it specifies that cosmetic products for which a “challenge test” for preservation and microbiological controls on the finished product are necessary (emulsions, shower gel, suncare products, etc.) may only be sold in bulk in assisted service or by means of a distribution system adapted to self-service bulk sales that preserves the necessary hygiene and safety conditions.

Hygiene, the first precaution
The DGCCRF lists the points to look out for to guarantee the hygiene and microbiological safety of products sold in bulk: layout of premises, methods for filling bins and hoppers, traceability, suitable containers, etc.
It stresses that, in the case of cosmetic products, the main risk is that of potential contamination when the …

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