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Tuesday, January 4, 2022Ecoresponsability

Coty France announces a new sustainable development strategy

Coty France annonce une nouvelle stratégie de développement durable

The group has just announced its ambition to pursue a more sustainable policy. Coty is going to market more nature-friendly packaging and cosmetics in order to limit the environmental impact of its products on the planet. The Bourjois and Rimmel brands will be the first to carry these new values.

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Coty has redesigned the packaging of two of its brands: Rimmel and Bourjois.
From now on, the cardboard pack used to protect the cosmetics is made from sugarcane pulp residues, FSC-labeled and OK compost. The ink used is vegetable-based.

In addition to marketing a recycled and recyclable packaging, Coty wishes to go further in its transparency approach.
“The cardboard box offers six sides of information for the consumer. On these, the ingredients and commitments are clearly detailed, explained and identifiable. There are educational pictograms to help consumers in a distribution channel where there are no sales consultants,” explains the group.

On the formula side, the Rimmel brand has just launched its new “Kind&Free” range. The products are vegan, minimalist, fragrance-free and the ingredients are mostly of natural origin.
“Sustainable beauty is a necessity for the planet and an expectation of our consumers: our ambitions are in line with these challenges, from production to marketing, while maintaining our excellence in the sensoriality of our packaging and the effectiveness of our formulas,” said Mathieu Dufresne, Managing Director of Coty France.

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