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Tuesday, November 22, 2022Ecoresponsability

Eco-actions are slowly becoming part of the French routine

Les écogestes s'ancrent doucement dans la routine des Français

In the context of the energy crisis, the government calls on its citizens to be sober. The FEBEA wanted to support this action through a digital awareness campaign (aimed at the general public) on the right gestures to adopt. A useful initiative since the Federation has conducted a study in partnership with OpinionWay on the ecological habits of the French in their bathroom. Its mixed results show that eco-responsibility is not yet a reflex for everyone.

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The OpinionWay survey for the FEBEA was conducted between October 19 and 20, 2022. 1013 people responded to an online questionnaire. The panel is composed of 52% women and 48% men

General findings

88% of respondents indicated that they have a responsible attitude (limiting water consumption, using nature-friendly products). And 84% believe that these actions have a real impact.
On the other hand, 33% say that these habits are difficult to maintain and that it can be a burden for them (31%).

Adopting the right gestures

94% of the panelists fight against water waste. They are also 89% to reduce the amount of shampoo (or shower gel) they use and 88% to sort their waste in the bathroom.
But 23% of them still do not prefer cosmetics with recyclable packaging and 25% do not limit the use of disposable products.

Water, the nerve of war

The majority of those surveyed are aware that we must be careful with water (both for the planet and to reduce energy bills).
Overall, they turn off the tap while washing (92%), avoid bathing (87%), reduce the duration of showers (81%) and limit hot water consumption (64%).

“Without washing their hair, the French spend an …

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