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Tuesday, January 9, 2024Ecoresponsability

Needs of the modern eco-consumer

Les besoins de l'écoconsommateur contemporain

The environmental crisis is on many people’s minds. They have high expectations of the brands they value. In its latest sustainability report, trends consultancy Euromonitor has highlighted certain consumer habits to help manufacturers stay relevant to their customers.

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Today, 64% of global consumers are concerned about global warming, “while 41% complain that price is the main barrier to sustainable purchasing”.

Gen Z: looking for solutions
“Generation Z is the first to be concerned about the environment, and many of them express eco-anxiety about the future of the planet. However, despite their strong convictions, members of Generation Z are limited by price. This means they are looking for affordable ways to reduce their impact on the environment,” explains Euromonitor.
Buying second-hand (more suited to the ready-to-wear sector than beauty) is a solution that appeals to more and more young people.

More sustainable alternatives on the aisle
“Consumers in developing markets such as Latin America, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and Africa are also sensitive to sustainability, despite their limited budgets,” says Euromonitor. They want to reduce their environmental footprint, and they want more choice when they go to the store. The lack of alternatives is a real problem for these consumers… and therefore a growth opportunity for brands capable of meeting this need.

A need for transparency
“Increasingly aware of the impact of their purchasing decisions, consumers expect companies to prove their sustainability claims. Adding such claims to products is …

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