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Tuesday, January 16, 2024Ecoresponsability

Recycling: are the French good at it?

Recyclage : les Français sont-ils de bons élèves ?

While packaging recyclability is a major issue for manufacturers, consumer sorting behavior is just as important. So, do the French deserve the top honor roll or the dunce’s cap? To answer this question, Sepur commissioned the IFOP polling institute to carry out a survey.

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The survey was conducted among a sample of 1001 people. Interviews were conducted between November 20 and December 1, 2023.

For 89% of French people, sorting their waste on a daily basis is perceived as easy.
However, 54% have doubts when it comes to disposing of their waste. They’re not necessarily sure they’re making the right choice of garbage can.
According to the panellists, sorting instructions lack clarity. 49% say that information on how to dispose of waste properly is insufficient.

“The level of information received appears very heterogeneous, with a small majority of French people (51%) feeling sufficiently informed to sort their waste correctly. The proportion of respondents able to identify a contact person in the event of a query is similar: 48% know who to contact for advice. On these two questions, the most informed are also more likely to find sorting easy: for example, 63% of those for whom sorting is ‘very easy’ have a contact person in mind in case of need, underlining the importance that education can have in removing certain obstacles to the practice. More generally, there is a strong polarization between, on the one hand, French people who are already familiar with selective …

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