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Tuesday, October 24, 2023Ecoresponsability

Responsibility in cosmetics: seeking balance

Responsabilité en cosmétique : à la recherche de l'équilibre

In the fight against global warming, the responsibility of manufacturers is engaged. During the Cosmetic 360 trade show, two experts from the Beautystreams forecasting agency (Élodie Vicini and Michael Nolte) came to decipher the issues (and solutions) linked to sustainability that beauty professionals must face.

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The two experts presented the “Age of restoration” trend, part of the report “Macromovements 2023-2027: setting a new equilibrium”.

Having a responsible attitude towards the planet can generate benefits for companies. “Today, 40% of global consumers have increased their beauty spending with brands that practice the Three Rs rule. 70% of them say they are willing to pay more if the product they want is packaged in sustainable packaging.”

Cutting to the chase

According to the two experts, any company wishing to be more sustainable must make “radical decisions” in order to regain the trust of the general public. 79% of beauty consumers are not sure they can trust brands to make sustainable commitments. 56% of Americans boycott cosmetics companies they suspect of being unethical, and 38% think manufacturers lie about their environmental impact. “Yves Chouinard, founder of Patagonia (valued at three billion dollars), decided to donate his company to a trust and an NGO dedicated to supporting the environmental cause. Without doing what he did, brands have the power to make a difference.”

To be relevant and stand out from the crowd, it’s important to try to work sensibly. While some brands decide not to participate in Black Friday …

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