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Wednesday, September 14, 2022Ecoresponsability

Sustainability: a priority for consumers

La durabilité : une priorité pour les consommateurs

Mintel, a foresight agency, has just published the 2022 edition of its Sustainability Barometer. The firm surveyed a panel of consumers around the world to find out how important the environmental issue is to them. And the first results of this report paint a picture of a citizenry that is more informed and more militant than ever.

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According to Mintel figures, global warming (46%), air quality (35%) and plastic pollution (33%) are the top three concerns of the general public.
Despite the concern, citizens around the world believe there is still time to act.
62% of Brazilians, 55% of Canadians, 45% of Americans, 62% of Chinese, 50% of French and 45% of Germans believe that all is not lost.
Note that all these results are down compared to the 2021 edition of the Sustainability Barometer.

This (measured) optimism gives consumers the desire to get involved. Thus, 56% of Brazilians, 67% of Canadians, 49% of Americans, 55% of Chinese, 51% of French and 59% of Germans believe that their actions can have a positive impact on the planet.

New actions

To curb the environmental crisis, citizens around the world are:
• Sorting their packaging (59%)
• Planning their meals to avoid food waste (53%)
• Buying less new clothes (50%)
• Limiting their meat consumption (27%)
• Prefering certified products that are less harmful to the planet (25%)
• Choosing goods with a “fair trade” label (20%)

Values with variable geometry

“The disparity between stated intentions and actual behavior is common in the area of sustainability,” explains Mintel. …

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