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Tuesday, December 5, 2023Ecoresponsability

Sustainable development: are companies lagging behind?

Développement durable : les entreprises sont-elles à la traîne ?

After raising awareness, it’s time to take action. According to the latest report by the Capgemini Institute, manufacturers are aware of their impact on the planet, but haven’t yet put their foot down.

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To carry out this study, Capgemini interviewed 2,000 executives from over 700 leading organizations in 13 different countries. The interviews were conducted between August and September 2023.

“We found that more executives (60% versus 21% in 2022) now believe that sustainable development is an opportunity. They are also more likely than last year (53% versus 24% in 2022) to say that the benefits of sustainable development outweigh the costs, and to view it more positively than as a regulatory obligation,” says the firm.

This heightened awareness of climate issues among manufacturers is linked to a number of factors, including:
• Extreme weather conditions worldwide
• High cost of natural disasters
• Increasing pressure from regulators
• Growing importance of consumer protection in terms of eco-responsibility
• Growing number of companies committed to environmental transition

A slow transition to action

Although companies say they are more aware of the climate emergency, this has yet to be felt in concrete terms.
“In 2023, average annual investment in environmental sustainability actions and practices across all industries is equal to 0.92% of total sales, compared with 0.91% in 2022.”

For example, 60% of companies systematically declare their carbon footprint. This is only 1% more …

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