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Symrise: towards a more responsible perfumery

Symrise : vers une parfumerie plus responsable

All actors in the cosmetics industry are concerned by contemporary environmental and social issues. This also applies to perfume manufacturers. And even if one was tempted to think that eco-responsibility does not go hand in hand with this noble art, Symrise proves the contrary. The group has initiated several projects with the aim of making its fragrance production ever more sustainable.

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Like many industrial companies, Symrise is concerned about its carbon impact and energy consumption. As a result, since 2020, the electricity used by all Symrise sites comes from 100% renewable sources. The group aims to be 100% climate positive by 2030.

Sustainable sourcing
“Fragrance creation begins in the fields where the know-how of local communities shapes the most precious materials,” explains the group. And to ensure ethics throughout the value chain, Symrise deals directly with local people. The goal is to have a positive impact on the lives of the people.
Moreover, Symrise is a member of the UEBT board of directors, ethical sourcing is naturally part of its concerns.

Transparency of formulas
Symrise has been developing an evaluation tool for several years, the “substainability score card”, which measures the impact of natural raw materials, synthetic materials or fragrances on the environment. “It takes into account the key objectives for sustainable development, as listed by the UN and a scientific committee gathered at the global level. On the basis of these challenges, a certain number of ambitions specific to our sector have been defined, such as CO2 emissions, water consumption, biodegradability and traceability. The performance of synthetic or natural molecules …

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