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Thursday, July 7, 2022Ecoresponsability

The Sustainable Cosmetics Summit 2022

Le Sustainable Cosmetics Summit 2022

Since 2009, the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit has been covering sustainability issues in the cosmetics. Organised by Ecovia Intelligence, the aim of the summit is to encourage sustainability in the beauty industry by bringing together key stake-holders and debate major industry issues. The 14th European edition will be hosted in Paris on 7-9th November 2022.

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How can brands innovate using green materials? What ingredients can help operators move to circular systems? What are the opportunities with upcycled ingredients? What new materials are emerging to replace plastics in packaging? How can brands close their packaging loops? What are the marketing obstacles when launching new sustainable products? What are marketing communication best-practices? Such questions will be addressed in this new edition of the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit in Paris.
The conference will be organised around four themes.

Session 1: Industry Developments
Sustainability has now become an integral part of the cosmetics industry, with operators investing in a range of green initiatives. The opening session gives an update on sustainability issues, highlighting industry best-practices.

Session 2: Green materials
A growing array of green ingredients is now available for cosmetic and personal care products. This session gives details of new and emerging green raw materials, placing emphasis on those that can help companies move to circular systems.

Session 3: Marketing update
Marketing is a major challenge for brands with sustainable products. Consumers have to be educated and informed of the green credentials of a new product. With new developments, such as shampoo bars, waterless cosmetics and refillables, they also have to modify their behaviour when using and disposing of such products. This session covers such marketing issues and showcases success stories.

Session 4: Sustainability in Packaging
Packaging is one of the biggest sustainability issues facing cosmetic & personal care brands. Although many studies show that plastic pollution is high on consumers list of environmental issues, brands struggle to replace plastic packaging. This session discusses the various ways cosmetic & personal care firms can reduce their packaging footprint, especially in terms of moving away from single-use plastics.

Sustainable packaging materials and alternatives to plastic will be discussed in a workshop on the last day of the meeting.

The Sustainable Cosmetics Summit will be hosted at the Paris Marriott Champs Elysées hotel.

For further information
• See the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit website

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