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Cosmebio reporting for duty


On its tenth birthday, the Ecological and Organic Professional Association committed to release a Sustainable Report every year: a transparency approach to measure the commitment from its members and share the expertises while emphasizing fundamentals. The 2012 report topic was bio diversity, with the support of initiatives and figures.

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On the one hand, there is the regulation that applies to all the cosmetics, be they organic or not. On the other hand, there is the Cosmebio frame of references for organic and environment-friendly cosmetics, which requires complementary obligations, not only in terms of the minimum quantity of ingredients from organic origin to put in formulae, but also in terms of less-polluting manufacturing processes or of reducing package volume.
This frame of references, as this 2012 report reminds the audience of, is based on three pillars:
• To respect man, ethics, societal responsibility.
• To foster a continuous scientific research in order to frame and control practices.
• To respect nature, bio diversity, to sustain organic farming.

All this, yes, plus the voluntary approaches and experiments of the members, which go farther than this “minimum requirement.” These “pluses” are the core of this report. Based on questionnaires for evaluation sent to the members of the association, they allow for the measuring the commitment of the companies, and provide another kind of image of the organic cosmetic industry.

Protect bio diversity

“Protecting bio diversity is a vital and global issue, a need to maintain life on Earth and assure the animal …

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