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Monday, October 25, 2021Sector

Cosmébio: the Ingredients Trophies 2021

Cosmébio : les Trophées Ingrédients 2021

On 14 October, on the occasion of its second “Ingredients Meeting”, the Cosmébio association awarded its Ingredients Trophies for 2021 in two categories: Ethical and Technical. The jurors selected 12 applications to choose the two new active ingredients that won the first prizes.

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Ethical Trophy - Genipapo by Guayapi

Genipapo is an Amazonian fruit whose pulp contains a black pigment, traditionally used by the Satéré Mawé Indians to make ephemeral tattoos, an alternative to permanent tattoos, respectful of the skin and the environment. It also has cleansing, purifying and healing properties for the skin, and can also be used as a natural hair dye.
Bastien Beaufort, from Guayapi, welcomed the award with these words: “We are very happy, it gives us a lot of strength because you certainly know how complex it is to build industries deep in the forests of the world! We are convinced that the future will find its source in the knowledge of indigenous populations and in the beautiful biodiversity of our planet. It is therefore a question of giving it a value and sharing the benefits. This obviously requires fair prices and this is something we will continue to do.”
INCI: Genipa Americana Extract

### Technical Trophy - Kalmethic from Biocosmethic

By rebalancing the microbiota, this active ingredient restores skin homeostasis and protects the barrier functions, thus meeting the needs of sensitive skin. Kalmethic comes from an Australian superfruit and helps to soothe the skin while reducing redness …

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