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Brief cosmetics: Communication of REACH information

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The latest cosmetic news: Communication of REACH information: Reminder - A standard to assess the carbon footprint of products - Revlon, Garnier… these brands leaving China - ECHA adds 7 SVHC to the candidate list - ECHA : 2 new simplified guides for REACH - ANSM: new inspection report format - VKM Retinol irritant from 0.075 % - CLP guidelines…

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 22 January - REACH Reporting: Reminder In a notice published in the Official Journal on 26 January 2014, the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy reminded economic operators of their obligation to communicate information on substances contained in articles pursuant to Articles 7.2 and 33 of the REACH Regulation. The notice shall recall the operators concerned and the provisions in force and the substances on the list of candidates for authorisation. • See JORF n°0013 of 16 January 2014 page 817 text n° 75

January 14 - A standard to assess the carbon footprint of products An international technical specification to quantify the greenhouse gas impacts of products on the environment has just been included as an experimental technical specification, XP ISO/TS 14067, in the collection of French normative documents. In order to identify environmental impacts, particularly greenhouse gases, an assessment can be carried out during the product's life cycle. The XP ISO/TS 14067 experimental standard provides a methodology for quantifying the carbon footprint. It indicates the purpose of the procedure, its scope, the life cycle impact assessment and how to prepare a communication to inform the consumer. - View this standard (109.01 € HT) on the AFNOR website …

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