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Post-Covid: anticipating the end of derogations for hydroalcoholic products

L'après-Covid : anticiper la fin des dérogations pour les produits hydro-alcooliques

The fight against the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus has led to numerous derogations aimed at simplifying the placing on the market of disinfectant products, in particular hydroalcoholic products (HAPs) for hand antisepsis. In this sense, France has allowed many companies to participate in a large production to offset the shortage. As the end of these derogations looms, Corinne Benoliel and Pauline Ferreira-Théret, from Institut Scientis, are taking stock of what is needed to manage the post-Covid-19 period properly.

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Until 1 September 2020, the French authorities have specifically authorised the manufacture, placing on the market and use of four series of hydroalcoholic biocidal product formulations intended for human hygiene. The Ministry in charge of Ecology is currently considering a possible extension of the derogation period for making these HAPs available on the market. A text is expected by the end of June, which should also provide for the management of products already manufactured under the current order.

The current situation

In addition to companies already specialised in this field, many cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies have decided to actively contribute to the fight against this unexpected scourge by manufacturing or distributing these products. Dispensary pharmacies and pharmacies for indoor use also took part in this initiative.
As the manufacture of hydroalcoholic products with a high alcohol content imposes specific safety rules (ATEX directives, in particular), other suitably equipped structures have also embarked on the adventure, thanks to their ease of production. This is notably the case for certain manufacturers of chemical substances (alcohol, hydrogen peroxide), but also of e-liquids, and even of windshield washer fluid for the automobile industry.
The number of producers currently placing formulae resulting from the derogation …

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